Perpetuum UI Controls For Windows 8 is Coming Soon

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Perpetuum research and development department is ready to unveil a new stunning product for Windows 8 - Perpetuum UI Controls. This UI components set supports all features of WinRT; it is seamlessly integrated into the application thus helping to reduce development curve and speed up time to market.

Perpetuum UI Controls offer user interface components that are not included in WinRT, so you will be able to use both common controls and non-standard ones (including amazing radial menu, date and time pickers) that will make your Windows 8 application look attractive and be user-friendly.

Included controls in brief:

Radial menu

This unique control will help you make complex hierarchical menus be compact and intuitive. All application commands and options are always at the users' fingertips.


Calendar will add the ability to navigate through dates and select any of them.

Color picker

It offers a common way of selecting color users got used to: select from the color list and adjust the tone in the color editor.

Text box

This control is able to add not only characters and figures to the text box but also any element that users might think is necessary, for example buttons.

Plain menu

Think that radial menu is too innovative and users won't get how to use it? Use plain menu instead. It's very convenient and compact as well and offers a common way to access necessary application options.

Time picker

Adds the ability to select and set time with two elements: hours and minutes

Date picker

Adds the ability to select and set date in different formats (day/month/year or month/day/year).

Rating control

Make users rate your content - add XAML rating control to your Windows 8 application! Use standard stars as a common rating element or add custom elements to fit into the app style.

Numeric box

Add it when your users need to be able to change some numeric values with pre-defined step or when the input data is quite sensitive.

Flyout control

Extends standard WinRT flyout menus with the ability to set margins, precisely position it and add custom elements to the pop-up.


Add the ability to hide-show some content in your application.

Beta version of Perpetuum UI Controls for Windows 8 is available.

Download free demo version today: