Windows 7 Comes With Enhanced DVD Maker

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The movie maker in these editions of Windows 7 includes about 60 transitions and 28 special effects you can easily use to add professional touch and visual interest to your movies. Special effects change the appearance of a video clip by rotating it, slowing it down or speeding it up, or making it appear like old film footage. You can use special effects to change how your clips play in several different ways.

You can make your clips fast, slow, double fast as per your wish. You can provide zoom to your clips, make a clip appear older by using Sepia Tone, Film Age, or Grayscale, rotate a clip using one of the Rotate effects and fade in using one of the Fade In effects. The tool also enables you to give your own titles to movies. Like various nomenclature which appear on screen, you can add music or songs to the clips to make it alive. You can also record yourself speaking over your movie. This is perfect when you need to describe what's happening on-screen or tell stories that happened off-camera.

The DVD Maker on these editions of Windows 7 comes with several advanced options. It provides you different dimensions which you want to choose for the DVD like 4/3 full screen or 16/9 widescreen. When you have put together all your video clips, you can customize them. If you want to bring life to your picture, you can enable music as well. Windows 7 includes a significantly improved and advanced Window 7 Media Center that gives you various options of making your PC a source of entertainment. WMC � which is available in the Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, and Windows 7 Ultimate editions � allows you to watch, pause, and record live TV.

You can also listen to your tunes. Overall, it helps you to enjoy online entertainment. The feature is now compatible with most of the tuners, including digital and high definition TV. Window 7 Media Center now lets you play more popular audio and video formats. It is brilliant in making elegant photo collages with background music by using the new slide show maker.

Moreover, it is ideally suited for parties or family get-togethers. As far as earlier versions of OS are concerned, they will give a tight fight to these new features added to Windows 7 set-up but somewhere they are lacking behind in terms of technological marvel.

With Windows 7 you can enjoy recorded TV shows, music, video no matter whether it is stored on your PC or not. The HomeGroup feature of Windows 7 which is a newly introduced feature makes media available to any PC with Windows 7 in the house. In earlier versions of Microsoft OS including XP and Vista, these features were present but in Windows 7 it has been improved to give it a new dimension for getting maximum benefits to its users.