Performing Windows 7 Computer Recovery When it is Unable to Start

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Advancement in technology has brought a new revolution in computers. Microsoft has come with latest version Operating System, that's Windows 7. Various high storage capacity hard disks are also being introduced in the market providing greater storage availability for the computer data. A RAID (Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks) disk is one such new-age technology using which you can achieve high levels of storage dependability. In this, the data is stored in multiple places. That is if some data gets corrupted on a particular server then it can be recovered from another server. But sometimes corruption in RAID disk can stop the Windows 7 from starting creating chaos.

Well this corruption can happen due to various issues such as incompatible hardware components, virus infections, software malfunction, disk failure, etc. Not to forget, one can now perform computer recovery easily on corrupted RAID disk. This computer recovery can be achieved using third party Windows computer recovery software.

Take an example of practical scenario where you are unable to start your Windows 7 system that has a RAID disk attached to it. You get nasty error message on the blue screen, that is:


Reason behind this issue

The root cause of this error is that the RAID driver is disabled in Windows 7, by default. The RAID driver should be enabled before changing the SATA controller mode is changed.

Resolution for this

To resolve this issue, you should remove the RAID disks and update the RAID driver in the registry settings, and finally attach the RAID disk again. To do this, you should perform the following steps:


Above steps if taken carefully results in fruitful results. However, if anything goes wrong there may severe damage to the system to a greater extent. Additionally you might just fail to access the system even after using these steps. But there is no need to panic as you can take help of third-party computer recovery software to perform Windows 7 recovery.

With Computer Recovery, you can recover the lost files and folders in cases of severe disasters of data loss situations. It is helpful for computer users who face data loss situation due to various reasons like MFT or root directory corruption, logically crashed hard disks, partially damaged disks, sudden system shutdown, virus attack, Power Outage and other similar reasons. Computer recovery process is simple, fast and secure as it completely recovers the data without any modification to the original contents of the files and folders. Software comes as free to download evaluation version.