How many equipments will you need for making a pocket spring mattress

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Business,Import - Export,Manufacturing Mattresses were very popular among all these years, and many families went to buy mattresses. Good mattresses give people good sleep quality.Do you know how the mattress was made? Let's take a look at the craft of the mattress. Here is an example of making an pocket spring mattress.make a mattress from pocket spring to packaging you need to use the following machinery. Pocket Spring Machine
Pocket Spring Machine is with micro-computer. self-developed control system,ultrasonic welding, low noise, no pollotion,Microcomputer control is commonly employed and mechanical structure with high precision and no-cylinder devices ensure materials saving,Spring compression and delivery by Servo control, simple and accurate action. Springs making are all Servo control, convenient adjustment. Pocket Spring Assembling Machine
Automatic pocket spring assembling machine is used for assembling pocket spring unit via extruding glue through the nozzle to the spring rows and upper and lower non-woven covers.Spring rows can be assembled either by continuous or interrupted gluing.Interrupted gluing can save a lot of glue but it is just a little bit slower than continuous gluing. Adopting touch screen, the machine is easy to operate, highly automatic with stable performance and well-glued effect. machine saves glue substantially thus greatly reducing the cost of the product. It is the ideal equipment for mattress production. Mattress Tape Edge Machine
Mattress Tape Edge Machine is mainly used for taping edge of mattress panel and soft cushion. It adopts advanced Servo motor drive system, high efficiency, easy operate and stable performance.It is the perfect equipment for manufacturing mattress enterprises. Mattress Packing Machine
The product has the following characteristics: high production efficiency, complete bagging in 35-40 seconds;The operation is simple, as long as the mattress and bag are placed, the operation can be completed automatically by pressing a button.The average worker can learn to operate the machine after 5 minutes of learning; the cost of packaging is low,and only one pvc or pe bag with a diameter of about 320 mm is required for each mattress. Rolled mattresses are greatly reduced in volume, which greatly reduces the cost of product transportation and storage.The compact and simple structure of the whole machine makes it easy to install and maintain.Not only will the mattress not be deformed after wrapping, but it will also save the storage space and transportation space for the manufacturer and save the related costs.Such as: transportation costs, transportation costs. In order to enhance their own competitiveness. Also you can choose to manually package.