Virtual Desktop- Changing Face Of The Computer Desktop

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Globalization and technological innovation have paved way for a totally networked business environment. The offices spread across the length and breadth of the globe, showcases the vast infrastructure as one of the valuable asset of the organization. Desktop management is a term specifying the management of the computers within the organization. As part of the system management functions, this includes management of all computing devices, other components of the organization's information systems including network management and database management.

With organizations going global, and with more number of the entry points into an organizational network, security of the application, data, and network have also become part of the desktop management. To reduce the ever-increasing desktop management costs, enterprises now opt for virtual desktop solutions. The virtual desktop solutions can either be server hosted or client hosted. The server hosted virtual desktops can be accessed from any location but the client hosted ones are more customized. Further, the global enterprises are looking out for a technology platform to securely connect to remote locations and their mobile workforce. Workspace virtualization platform would empower the enterprise but it needs to also streamline the desktop management.

The leading IT service providers have eased out the desktop management problem by developing a dynamic Virtual Desktop platform. This would provide the IT administrators as well as the end users a reliable and scalable centralized desktop management platform. Such virtualization solutions facilitate efficient streamlining and management of the secure virtual workspaces.

With the advent of technological innovation, the concepts of the Webinars, web conferencing and e-learning have taken over the corporate training and conferencing scenario. These have helped the virtual teams to maintain the essential communications links. The changing socio-economic climate also demands that the employees using the virtual desktops would like to work with mobile workforce solutions, which would enable them secure access to the required corporate information or applications from any location, irrespective of the time or machine. Hence, these global workforces look for a virtual workspace, which is easy to deploy, completely online, with a centralized desktop management and threat handling system and easy resource utilization.

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